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Curating your digital academic identity

This post from The Chronicle is over a year old, so some of the mentions of technologies and services may be out of date, but the advice is sound. Academics ought to take charge of their digital identity, not only to increase there visibility, but also to model this behavior for students.

The UTA library has many services that can help, including the Division of Scholarly Communication. There’s also the Domain of One’s Own initiative from the LINK lab, which allows faculty and students to grab their own web domain for free!

How To Curate Your Digital Identity

Beginning with a question

Maybe it’s the philosopher in me, but I think starting class with a question is a great idea. Put something up on the board or projector for the students to think about as they come in the door.

This particular idea focuses on multiple choice questions as a way to start class. It also involves a bucket, a mystery box, and contemporary art. Click through to find out a new way to start your class with a question.

Why You Should Start Your Class With A Question

Large Class Engagement Strategies

To be honest, I think the title of this Faculty Focus post — “Flipping Large Classes” — is misleading. It’s not really about flipping, it’s just a few good engagement/in class group work strategies that can work in large lecture halls. My own pedantry aside, there’s still some good advice here, including a variation on the jigsaw activity and something called “six thinking hats.” Actual hats are, fortunately, not required.

Flipping Large Classes: Three Strategies to Engage Students