ECHO 360 Training

Some of you may already use ECHO360 for classroom capture, but it can be used for a lot more! Don Lane, our resident ECHO guru, is bringing the ECHO 360 folks to campus on August 23rd for a day of training. They will be doing a variety of session in Science Hall 100
From 10 am until noon, Don and the ECHO folks will give a complete overview of ECHO. If you’re brand new to ECHO, this is the place to start. Even if you’ve used it before, this may be a good place to explore all of its capabilities.
From 12:30 until 2:30, the ECHO team, Don, and others will host a drop in Q&A session. This is best for current users of ECHO who have specific questions or just need some targeted assistance.
Don showed me all the stuff ECHO is capable of yesterday, including personal/desktop video making. Cool stuff!

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