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Large Class Engagement Strategies

To be honest, I think the title of this Faculty Focus post — “Flipping Large Classes” — is misleading. It’s not really about flipping, it’s just a few good engagement/in class group work strategies that can work in large lecture halls. My own pedantry aside, there’s still some good advice here, including a variation on the jigsaw activity and something called “six thinking hats.” Actual hats are, fortunately, not required.

Flipping Large Classes: Three Strategies to Engage Students

Group Work and More In Philosophy

The blog of the American Philosophical Association regularly hosts a “teaching workshop,” where reader questions about teaching will be answered. I am a philosopher, so I appreciate this discipline specific approach. But much of what is said is just good teaching advice. The most recent workshop features questions and answers about group work, team-based learning, and allowing students to revise work.

APA May Teaching Workshop


Student engagement tips, from a student

The following post from Edutopia is written by a student who just graduated from a high school in Nashville. While some of the advice is geared toward K-12 teachers, much of it is relevant for those of us who teach undergraduates as well. Work can be “displayed” electronically via portfolios or blogs. Students can be given choices in topics for papers or even entire project formats while maintaining rigor. But, most importantly, is establishing relationships with the students we teach.

4 Student Engagement Tips (From a Student)