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Welcome from the director!

Welcome, everyone, to the CTLE Faculty Development Blog. I am Nakia Pope, the CTLE Director.

While we are just at the beginning stages of this digital space, I hope Faculty Development Dialogue will become THE space for faculty, staff, and graduate students to visit for faculty development resources. We will be working hard to bring you the latest events, news, links, and tips for all aspects of faculty development. We also intend to post reflections on what it means to be a faculty member, with all that entails, at UTA and beyond! Most of all, I hope this becomes a community. There are lots of wonderful, hard-working faculty here at UTA; we have lots that we can share with one another that may be helpful. I I invite all of you to comment, share, and sign up to be a guest blogger. Many hands, as they say, make light work — or, in this case, an awesome faculty development blog!

If you have an idea or wish to contribute, simply comment here. You can also email us at ctle@uta.edu. This is still a work in progress, so any suggestions are welcome.

Let’s go!