Tips on Guest Blogging

We are looking for guest bloggers who are faculty, staff, or graduate students, etc.! Some considerations/suggestions for guest blogging are below:

A guest blog post can be anywhere between 200 to 1,000 words. We encourage posts that do not include jargon and that are useful and practical to educators.
Material should not include personal information of any students.  Pictures are not always necessary and we can use generic stock photos within the blog post.

  • Consider using hyperlinks within your post to link to related articles or less and ideas if it relates to your post. The great thing about blogging is that you can include many hyperlinks within your post.
  • Encourage people to comment about your post as another feature of blogging is that it can create dialogue with others. You might consider posing one or two questions at the end of your post to foster dialogue.
  • We encourage you to become a regular blogger! Contact Dr. Peggy Semingson for further information about blogging either as a guest blogger or as a regular guest blogger!
  • Please send us your picture (high resolution is preferred). Also, include a short bio about where you are at in your teaching journey and a bit about your beliefs about teaching.
  • If you have a blog already please consider sending it to us so we can add it to our blogroll!
  • Bolding of key words and italics are encouraged as stylistic devices. Use them for emphasis, where needed. Read through other teaching-in-higher-education blogs to get a sense of how blog posts might be formatted. (Faculty Focus is a good one to read).
  • Consider an eye-catching title for your blog. We will write a 3-5 sentence introduction to each blog post.

If you would like to guest blog, contact Dr. Semingson at to get started!

Directions for submitting your guest blog:

Proofread your guest blog and send it as a Word Document to Dr. Semingson ( Please also include a high-resolution photo of yourself and a one paragraph biography.